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LED - Electronic Signage

In a bid to increase our range of services as well as offer our clients exclusive brand visibility, we have recently introduced high definition LED signage, so far at: Conrad Plaza Entebbe Road and Zain Roundabout Jinja Road. We shall be installing more similar signs in the near future to ensure maximum brand exposure for our clients.

LED signage is just like “extending TV to the streets”. One should realize that it is along streets where most potential buyers make their purchase decisions, and by extending TV to the streets, customers are reminded about the products in the most colorful way.


The LED is a cutting edge product in outdoor marketing both locally and internationally and because it is partly interactive, it allows the advertiser the chance to demonstrate product usage, which is extremely important.

We offer exposure on LED signage on both units charging you rental on a monthly basis.

Because this is an up market product, we are placing the sites in AB areas. This means that the product portfolios are extremely selective and also not controversial.

A schedule in our case is a pack of 20 ads each 30 seconds and it will last 10 minutes.


  • 20 ads x 30 Secs = 600 Secs ÷ 60 Secs = 10 Min
  • 10 Min x 6 = 1 hr = 6 exposures per ad
  • 24 Hrs = 6 x 24 = 144 times per ad per day per site

Peak time lasts 6:00am to 9:00pm = 14 hrs

Average number of viewers per site per ad during peak hrs = 500 people x 14 = 7000 x 20 brands = 140,000 people per site per day (peak time only)

Since you have 2 sites, this will give you exposure to at least 280,000 viewers per day.


This is a very excellent and effective advertising media that we use to reach the target audiences of our valuable clients. They are certainly a powerful way to deliver our client’s advertising message to the greatest number of potential customers.

Additionally, Billboard advertising grabs the attention of potential customers like no other form of advertising can, it is one of the most cost-effective mediums of advertising and creates brand awareness and strong name recognition.

Furthermore, in a bid to put our client’s message in the middle of the action, we position billboards in areas that would give client’s brands maximum exposure and substantial mileage as their vital information is seen by many people every single day.

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This is a very cost effective medium of brand visibility that we use to increase awareness and recognition and build our clients’ brands in both the urban and remotest corners of the country where other branding methods are not available. In so doing, we do not only contribute to your brand’s equity but also “add value and power to your brands”. We will always endeavor to satisfy our client’s needs by remaining true to this theme.

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Site Aquisition

Capital Outdoor runs on a result driven site acquisition program that meets rapid growing requirements of our clientele with regards to maximum visibility of their brands. The program promotes immediate results using experienced management and a leadership development scheme.

These efforts, combined with the clients’ needs provide a jump-start to acquisition of appropriate billboard and wall branding sites.

It is in our best interest to ensure that all acquired sites meet each customer’s unique requirements in terms of cost, location and audience critical mass.

This coupled with our ability to adapt based on different obstacles each site presents, sets our solutions apart from the competition.

We secure the buildings as a company and if there are any costs to the building owners, we have always paid them ourselves without recourse to the client.

Local Authorities

We also take responsibility to pay the local authorities where we work without any claim to the client.

Job Description

We use highly skilled artists in this field whom we further train in-house to format them into very professional people able to deliver very accurate jobs very fast.

Our paint of choice for our branding jobs is SADOLIN in the Weather- guard, Matt and Super- gloss grades. Clients are encouraged to make on the spot site visits anywhere without informing management to ensure that what we promise is actually what we deliver.

Job Life

Excepting physical human interference and nature driven factors like dusty environments, all our walls last beyond the stipulated period of 12 months. We have walls done for many of our clients within and away from the dusty environment of Kampala that still look new and 2yrs after.

Capacity & Delivery Time

We have developed capacity enough to cover the whole of Uganda in a maximum of 120 days if asked to. We have capacity to be in all four corners of the country at the same time.

Quality Control

Gradually, we are shifting away from mere Quality Control to Quality Assurance! Whereas implementing quality control procedures requires a lot of resources, expertise and time Capital Outdoor has tirelessly endeavored to make adjustments in the following dimensions:

  • Periodical resources allocated to quality control, for different work categories and the production process.
  • Time allocated to conduct the checks and reviews on all branding, billboard, LED sites and roundabout facilities.
  • Tracing information from respective clients, landlords, local authorities, field technicians and competitors concerning quality of outdoor advertising services in the country.
  • Procedures that ensure confidentiality of client’s information.
  • Setting targets and meeting deadlines.
  • Frequency of quality control site checks countrywide.

Our increased effort on quality control has resulted into improved quality of work and reduced uncertainties; The Company has developed sufficient expertise to build up all our products and services internally and also to conduct the quality checks and reviews.

In practice, the quality control system is part of our product development process! This has improved accuracy, timeliness and cost effectiveness.

All these have enabled continuous improvement in our service delivery. Today, we are proud of the standardization of services and products that we have attained.

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