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"adding power to your brands"


Founded in the year 2000, Capital Outdoor is the leading service provider in the Outdoor Advertising Industry in Uganda. We serve both national and global firms and our service portfolio comprises mainly large format Billboards, Shop/Wall branding, P.O.S (Point Of Sale Branding), and much more.

As the leading firm in Outdoor Advertising, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering outstanding integration of our branding strategies to match our client’s advertising needs at every desired point of public contact.

The quality of the materials used and the superior workmanship ensures that the ads remain bright and clear for a long time. Our knowledge of the industry and the market enable us to advise our clients on the best outdoor advertising options to use in their marketing campaigns.

All these are made possible by our competent and dedicated team comprising fine artists, designers, artisans, engineers and highly committed management team. These possess thorough knowledge of the business and work together to create high impact branding, thus adding power to your brands.

It would give us great pleasure to be considered to associate with your brand and we wish to pledge to do our best to meet your expectations.

We wish to assure you that we will endeavor to hold your brand and protect it as our own in the course of projecting it to the public even as we have done in the past.

Our Mission

To offer our clients paramount service they deserve through meeting their individual Outdoor advertising needs and providing a superior competitive advantage (through our unrivaled branding techniques), thereby adding power to their brands.

Our Vision

Capital Outdoors’ vision is to be the national leader in Outdoor advertising, offering the widest and most sophiscated range of Outdoor advertising options, while establishing a successful relationship with our clients and our suppliers. Through continuous innovation we aim at providing stupendous quality service and value to our clients and consistently meet or exceed their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What needs does your business meet in the market place?

Brand awareness, Exposure, Visibility and Growth.

What services and products does your company provide?

Large format billboard signage, LED signage, and Wall branding

What are the key industry trends that are fueling your success?

With our large passenger shelter billboards, we take brand visibility to the marketplace- taxi parks.
No other firm has done this before.
The industry is also becoming increasingly sophisticated and technologically advanced

Which product line do you see as offering a stronger competitive position?

We have the largest capacity to handle wall branding projects for multiple clients countrywide at the same time.

What is the economic climate now and in the next couple of years? How will it affect your business?

We are highly optimistic that with the discovery of oil, Uganda’s advertising industry can only get better. This is because industry and products will always go where money is and they all need visibility which is only offered by media like ours.

Is your market or business affected by business cycles or seasons? if so describe.

Just like most markets, we have our peak seasons, where clients are more willing to spend money and low seasons when spending budgets have been depleted. This automatically affects us.

Why do your customers prefer your product offering versus that offered by the competition?

Consistency of the jobs we do is extremely important. Our clients know that our jobs are the smartest and of the highest quality there is on the market. Timely delivery is also guaranteed as time is money. In a word- dependability.

How do you differentiate yourselves to best combat competition?

Our policy is a more proactive one, we set the trends (introduced the first LED outdoor screens on the market, we also constructed the second clock tower in Kampala City) for the others to follow. Our jobs speak for themselves and you will be sure to find CAPITAL OUTDOOR just about everywhere in this country.

How would you like to tell the public about your products or services?

By associating our name sign with your clients, smart brand clarity

What is the net impression about your company or offering that you want clients to take away after each interaction?

We will fly your brand high with the industry’s finest.

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